Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. My speakers are very old. Can they still be fixed?

  2. We are proud to be a service agency for the manufacturers that will still supply to customers that own vintage audio systems, the parts necessary for repair and upgrade

  3. How long will it take to repair my speakers ?

  4. The process of cleaning, testing, reconing and allowing the glue to cure takes 48 hours.

  5. Where are replacement parts supplied from ?

  6. The parts are supplied directly from the manufacturer with a manufacturer's warranty.

  7. Why do you recone instead of replace certain loudspeakers ?

  8. The top of the line loudspeakers are generally reconed due to the value of the original basket and magnet assembly. It is usually only the speaker cone, compliance or voice coil which is damaged. It is cost effective for the consumer to have the particular parts replaced with the original frame used. Although some loudspeaker models are replaced with the manufacturers intention to be cost effective.

  9. Are my speakers covered under any warranty ?

  10. All manufactures carry a limited warranty. Please present a copy of the original bill of sale when warranty service is requested.

  11. The outer edge of my speaker has deteriorated. What happened ?

  12. Due to age, motion, and environment the outer edge of the woofer, of the foam surround type, starts to deteriorate after approximately 10 years of use.

  13. I am interested in shipping my loudspeaker to you for repair. How is this usually handled ?

  14. Our technicians only require the loudspeaker that needs repair not the entire speaker cabinet. If you have any questions as to how to ship this to us please call. We recommend UPS as means for shipping your loudspeaker. Below is a form that will give you an estimate as to the cost of this shipping.

Use the form below to figure out the cost of shipping your
product to us. This form is for UPS shipping only.
You may choose to use any other carrier.

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